October 16-18, 2014: Opening to Grace Retreat led by Tilda Norberg; Highland Retreat Center, Bergton, VA.


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Led by Grace: Gestalt Pastoral Care


Our Roots... Our Purpose

Gestalt Pastoral Care rests on the belief that God’s grace is constantly at work in each person. Although we can’t predict just how you will be healed, you can expect to be touched in body, mind, spirit, emotions and social/relational context in a process unique to you alone.  Read more...

What Participants Say

I appreciate this integrated model of spirituality and psychotherapy.

-A psychotherapist


This class is the best thing that ever happened to me.  It's amazing how healing happens naturally if we don't do anything to mess it up.

-A prison inmate


What I learned in Gestalt Pastoral Care is immediately available as I do spiritual direction. It's enriched my pastoral practice immensely, and I had 25 years of experience before I took the course. Wow! Why didn't I know this before?
~ A Roman catholic priest