Rev. Tilda Norberg

Tilda Norberg is the founder of Gestalt Pastoral Care, and as a United Methodist minister she is appointed by her bishop to the ministry of Gestalt Pastoral Care. For six years she taught theory and practice at the New Institute for Gestalt Therapy in Manhattan.  Since 1968 she has led many spiritual growth retreats and training retreats, and has maintained her private practice in Staten Island, NY.

Tilda has written six books on Christian healing ministry and Gestalt Pastoral Care.

She is a graduate of Michigan State University (1963) and Union Theological Seminary, NY (1966) and is certified in Lomi Body Work. Her Gestalt training was at The Gestalt Center in Princeton, NJ, and The Gestalt Institute of Canada in Vancouver, BC.

She loves playing the violin, spending time with her husband George McClain, and hanging out with her three grandchildren.    


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