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2019-2021 Foundation Training Class with Rev. Wanda Craner

2019-2021 Foundation Training Class with Rev. Wanda Craner will take place at Reading, PA. The first class is scheduled to take place October 14-October 16, 2019.

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2019-2021—This Foundation Training Class is designed for those who would like to enhance their local church ministries and/or chaplaincy ministries, and therapeutic practices by incorporating a Gestalt Pastoral Care (GPC) perspective.  It is also the Foundation Training 101 Class - the initial class for those interested in becoming Gestalt Pastoral Care Ministers.  One of the unique aspects of GPC Training is that while one is learning the integration of spiritual companioning, healing prayer, and Gestalt growth work for the purpose of helping others, one also has the opportunity to engage in his/her own spiritual growth and healing process.  Financial aid may be available for participants in GPC Training Programs by clicking on this link and filling out a financial aid form.

The Training begins and ends with a retreat held at Mariawald Renewal Center, Reading, PA.  Between retreats, classes meet one Monday a month (October through May). 

The beginning retreat is October 14 (Monday) dinner through October 16 (Wednesday) lunch, 2019

Additional Training Dates are as follows: (2019) Nov. 4, Dec. 2; (2020) Jan. 6, Feb. 3, March 2, April 6, May 4, October 5, Nov. 2, Dec. 7: (2021) Jan. 11, Feb. 8, March 8, and April 12. The closing retreat date is: May 17-19, 2021.

For additional registration information, please contact:  Rev. Wanda Craner by clicking here.