Communities of Practice

As Gestalt Pastoral Care is introduced into a geographic region, groups of people sometimes form around a GPC minister, trainer or intern to learn about healing, grow personally, and support one another in whatever stage of the process they may be in.  Where they exist, these groups are called “Communities of Practice.”  Gestalt Pastoral Care Associates, Inc. encourages their growth and honors each Community’s unique character and needs as the Holy Spirit moves with grace through the people and context of the Community.

"God's grace is always present in this gathered community."

"God's grace is always present in this gathered community."

Participants in Communities of Practice may include clergy, lay people, clinicians, and GPC interns, ministers and trainers.  They meet regularly to transact business, “work” with one another, learn about a particular healing practice, listen to a speaker, and more.  Some members move toward authorization in GPC through their participation while others simply appreciate the camaraderie and learning experiences at the gatherings.  Communities of Practice have great flexibility and generally evolve organically in response to the Spirit.  

If you have completed a Gestalt Pastoral Care Foundation Course, you are welcome to participate in a Community of Practice.  To learn more about a COP in your area, click on a location below to communicate with the GPC minister in leadership.

Western Pennsylvania

Eastern Pennsylvania

Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Goshen, Indiana

New York/Connecticut/New Jersey

Metropolitan DC


Click here for the Agreement between GPCA, Inc. and Communities of Practice.

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