What People Are Saying

“I am full of gratitude for the purity of the process.”  ~ A student

“I am full of gratitude for the purity of the process.” ~ A student

"As a recovering alcoholic of 28 years, I believe GPC has the same potential for healing that the AA program has had--both are a gift from God to free us-and it is one of the most powerful tools I have encountered."

"My GPC Retreat experience was very powerful!  It was enlightening, moving and helped to increase my Spiritual growth.  Tilda is an amazing leader and guide and I was very impressed with her ability to gently help people get in touch with their deepest feelings and TRUTH."

“As a new observer of the GPC process, I observed and felt God’s healing power and presence in my first GPC retreat.  My compassion muscles and heart muscles were stretched by this process…” ~Phil

”I am full of gratitude for the purity of the process.” ~ A student

“Embracing, Affirming, Life-Transforming”

”Gestalt Pastoral Care is a Christian Ministry for the soul. It has opened me to inner awareness and healing.”

”I'm profoundly grateful.” ~ A seminarian

”I have a new experience of Jesus. This is really something.” ~ A pastor near retirement

”I appreciate this integrated model of spirituality and psychotherapy.” ~ A psychotherapist

”I did not know how blocked off from God’s grace I was until I became unblocked at this retreat.””  ~ A retreat leader

”In my GPC experience there has unfolded a blessed harmony between "being" and "doing," allowing my life to sing with a new peaceful assurance "I am."“ ~A spiritual care counselor for hospice

”I feel as though my chains have been loosened.  God’s grace was clearly present.” ~ A housewife

”What I learned in Gestalt Pastoral Care is immediately available as I do spiritual direction. It's enriched my pastoral practice immensely, and I had 25 years of experience before I took the course. Wow! Why didn't I know this before?” ~ A Roman catholic priest

”This class is the best thing that ever happened to me. It's just amazing to experience how healing happens naturally if we don't do anything to mess it up.” “~ A prison inmate

”After seven years of graduate school, one day of working in Gestalt Pastoral Care totally changed the way I work with people.” ~ A psychotherapist

”I felt  God’s love and I was able to let go. …this retreat is the beginning of a new real me and I have hope for the future." ~ A nurse and mother

"This OTG retreat has been a wonderful healing and growing experience for me…." ~ R. C.

"This weekend was so real…." ~ Paul
"An Opening To Grace retreat … and the Truth shall set you Free…." ~  SFW
”Come with an open heart and see what God will do!"  ~ JK
"At a recent OTG retreat, I met Jesus and his loving compassion in my pain."  ~ AW
"The Opening to Grace Retreat was more than I could have ever imagined.  More love, more truth, more hope, more, more, more…" ~ MW
"God's grace is always present in this gathered community."
"Amazingly wonderful!" ~ NB
"GPC is like a magnifying lens into the heart, which has no limits and can go deeper and deeper with the Love and Light of God."  ~ a student in the Advanced Training class

"GPC is the only way I know to travel back in time, in order to change and heal my future."  ~ DF

"I had a roller coaster weekend, with enough people to hold me up and hold on to." ~ Regina, social worker

"This training was another step in my journey of self discovery." ~ a student in the Advanced Training class

"A deepening and learning in the healing process" ~ A

"It is scary and wonderful all at once." ~ a student in the Advanced Training class

”I'm always learning and growing in this healing work--I never arrive and for that I'm grateful.”

Gestalt work focuses on the urgency to grow rather than on pathology.